Off with the boobage!

I love boobs. They are soft and beautiful. They are wonderful to look at and even better when you get to play with them.  I think they are awesome on other people (especially my wife)… not so much on me. My breasts have been a constant source of discomfort, irritation, embarrassment, and frustration for over 25 years. So it was with great excitement that I finally received my appointment letter the other day informing me of my surgery date to remove the boobage. I had one consult with the surgeon back in June and was told I would be scheduled “sometime in the fall.” I waited and waited for the magic letter to arrive. Then July came and I resigned myself to the fact that, since Sweden seems to close in July due to everyone being on vacation, I probably would not get my appointment letter until August. When my wife sent me a chat message asking me to call her, I had no thoughts that it could be about my surgery date. When she asked me on the phone if I wanted to get out my calendar, I still had no thoughts about a surgery date and started wondering if she found some cool music or theater event to attend. Unfortunately, I think it made for a bit of a disappointing reaction for my wife who was trying to be sly in breaking the news to me. I almost couldn’t believe it when she just came out and told me my letter had finally arrived.

As it stands right now I will go in for a pre-op appointment with the surgeon on the 13th of September and then on Thursday, October 20th I will finally be free from one of the largest (DDD+) sources of bodily discomfort I have endured in my life. I am so excited that I put a countdown clock on the desktop of my computer. Current countdown is 84 days 16 hours and 4 minutes.

84 days to freedom!


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